npm install superfish -s  or  Download


Download the Zip archive:

You can download a zip archive of everything you need.

Download from GitHub:

The canonical version of Superfish lives on GitHub. There you can browse the files, clone, fork and star the project, submit issues if you find them, and so on.

Install via Bower package manager:

If you have the Bower package manager installed, you can install Superfish into your project from the command line by running: bower install superfish

If you install Superfish using this method only the files you really need are installed without the various project maintenance litter (package.json, etc).

Install via Node Package Manager (NPM):

If you prefer to use NPM, install via npm install superfish


If you need help with the jQuery/JavaScript aspect of the plugin, post a message to the jQuery Forum with the word “Superfish” somewhere in the subject line. There are many Superfish users on the forum who may be able to help you.

If your issues are related to styling, try posting your questions to a dedicated CSS forum or Stack Exchange. CSS for Superfish is mainly just traditional Suckerfish-style dropdown menu code so there are plenty of resources out there to learn from.

Demonstrable bugs with the JavaScript component of the Superfish plugin can be reported via GitHub.

Premium Support

Still having trouble and tired of waiting for vague answers on public forums? Make a AU$50 payment (using the "Buy Now" button below) and receive the immediate* attention and advice of the Superfish author (that's me, Joel Birch). I'll take a look at your issue and advise accordingly. Or, pay AU$100 for my immediate* attention plus one hour of my time if you think your issue will require it. Consider adding your Skype username to the payment note. Upon receipt of payment I will email or Skype IM you (as soon as possible) to request details of where I can see your Superfish menu and a description of the issue you require my help to solve.

* Please note: "Immediate" means "as soon as possible, given that my timezone may differ greatly from yours".

Support Option:
Fork me on GitHub