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Frequently Asked Questions

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Which version of jQuery is the Superfish plugin compatible with?
The Superfish plugin is compatible with jQuery v1.7 and later.
Does the Superfish plugin have any dependencies on other plugins?
What about touch device support?
Superfish has robust support for all Android browsers, iOS browsers and IE10 on touch devices. Be aware that you need to include hoverIntent to support IE10 and certain Android browsers (although this may change).
Does the Superfish plugin work with any other plugins?
Yes. The nicest thing you can do for your menu is include Brian Cherne’s HoverIntent plugin in your page and Superfish will automatically use it to make the user interaction more pleasing.
How can I make the menu look better?
The demo style is very basic by design – you should use it as a base to build upon and skin it to suit your project. I strongly recommend testing in the earliest version of Internet Explorer you dare support in addition to modern browsers at every step of the way so that when IE bugs occur you can tell which CSS rules trigger them and work around them before moving on.
What if something goes wrong?
Please do not use GitHub issues to get help with your menu implementation. The cause of 99.9% of all Superfish problems are basic CSS issues. Disable JavaScript and concentrate on getting the menu working in pure CSS. If you are not a CSS expert then I advise that you follow the method described in the previous question’s answer, ie. begin with the demo CSS file and make small incremental changes, checking in a variety of browsers at every step.
What if I still need help?
Check out the Support options available to you.
Can I count on Superfish being supported into the future?
Yes, it’s here for the long haul – or at least as long as it’s relevant. I will also be adding further features in the form of modular optional add-on plugins.
Have you made any other plugins?
I’m thrilled you asked. Check out my WordPress plugin “NoFollowr” for making judicious application of nofollow attributes a breeze. It is also powered by the mighty jQuery.
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